Graphic Design and the Real World: It's another Language Entirely!

If you are thinking of developing your design skills or want to hire a graphic designer and have some idea what they are talking about, here's a few of the more common terms that may come up when discussing graphic design.


Copyfitting − You many have heard of copywriting, but perhaps not copyfitting. Copyfitting concerns how any text fits into the overall design of say a brochure or printed ad. The quantity of text is not the only thing a designer must consider, but also the font, the space in between the words and the space in between each line must all be taken into account. Copyfitting is important as it concentrates on how well the text will fit into the design as a whole, not just what the text actually says.


Negative Space − Negative space is an important consideration for designers. Many posters, brochures, etc. will not be completely covered in text and images. Instead, the design will make conscious decisions where to leave space. Negative space helps to highlight the message your design is attempting to make and improve the design aesthetically.


Colour − Colour with regard to design is vitally important. Knowing which colours match and having an understanding of warm colours (reds, yellows and oranges) and cool colours (blues, greens and some purples) is very important for a designer. Colour schemes are central to design and getting a colour scheme wrong could be the difference between a fantastic design and an awful one.